We're focused on Inspiring, Supporting & Promoting outstanding Computing teaching, and a major part of that is ensuring that teachers have the expert knowledge that they need to effectively teach their students.

With Computing and Computer Science specifications covering a lot of ground, many teachers feel unprepared to effectively teach the course, while lowering budgets and busy schedules present further complications for educators.

As such, exa.foundation runs a huge programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event for teachers, training them on how to effective teach their courses, all the way from KS1 to GCSE and beyond.

Along with our in-person CPD events, we support teachers in a number of ways. Our GCSE Computer Science MOOC is built to support flipped learning, giving teachers an effective tool, while we also provide free advice to teachers who contact us.

Local Computing


We're dedicated to giving teachers the training and tools that they need to effectively teach Computing. Along with our free/ low cost Computing resources, we support teachers by running full-on, regular Computing CPD training in locations across the country, often organised in association with local schools and teacher groups.

Our CPD events are designed to benefit teachers at absolutely all levels, with various events designed for different groups of educators. With exa.foundation run by a CAS Master Teacher, we're able to provide genuinely effective CPD, while our commitment to post-session support ensures that those attending our sessions can significantly develop their approaches to teaching.

Training Camps


Along with our independent CPD sessions, we work with a number of major organisations to provide effective training for teachers, usually teaching as part of a camp-style event, covering specifications and teaching approaches over several days.

Working to support teachers at any level of skill, we've run/ supported camps run by STEM Learning, Computing At School, Dragonfly Training, and far more - head over to our exa.foundation events page to find out what's coming up in the next few months!


Supporting All Teachers

Teaching Python & More

Direct Teacher Support

Effective Online Resources


Along with the training courses we work on, we organise many of our CPD events in response to requests from schools. If you're interested in hosting or supporting an exa.foundation event, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! With our CPD events largely free (in most other cases, costs can be reclaimed), we're able to support teachers across the country.

You can also get in touch with exa.foundation if you're looking for advice about anything related to Computing/ Computer Science, whether that's support for the specification you're teaching, resources for Raspberry Pi/ micro:bit, or practically anything else. Get in touch at any of the following: