Across every year, runs hundreds of events across the UK, providing thousands of people with effective Computing teacher CPD, fun events for tech clubs and engaging lessons for students. However, there's always a bit of a geographic/ time limit on how many sessions we can run - and where we can reach.

As such, we've put together ExaLens, an ongoing series of webinars designed to introduce both Primary and Secondary teachers to some vital topics, helping them get more to grips with Computing. Every month, we run two completely free webinars, one each for Primary and Secondary Computer Science teachers, usually covering three fantastic topics.

Over on our events page, you'll be able to find out about our upcoming ExaLens webinars (keep in mind that, watching live, you'll be able to directly ask questions and benefit even more), but below, we've archived all the ExaLens sessions to date.


Below, you'll find a complete collection of our ExaLens webinars to date, along with some quick information about the topics we're covering - click on any title to see more information -and the ExaLens webinar itself!

Digital Leaders, Digital Parents and Apps for Computing - 10th May 2018

Launching our series of Primary ExaLens webinars, Alan O'Donohoe explains the ideas behind ExaLens before discussing Digital Leaders (recruiting a group of pupils to support the growth of Computing in your school), Digital Parents (ensuring that the parents of your pupils are able to support the school's online safety policies, not undermining them) and some great Apps for Computing (reviewing a range of free and low cost apps that support the teaching of Computing)

eSafety Displays, Physical Computing and Online Programming IDEs - 21st May 2018

In our second ExaLens Primary webinar, Alan O'Donohoe explores three interesting areas - how to create effective online safety displays for classes, approaches to physical Computing (including Micro:bit and more), and the range of free/ low cost IDEs (integrated development environments) for Computing teachers.

Computing Coordinators, Scratch Games and KS2 Email - 9th July 2018

In this Primary exalens webinar,'s Alan O'Donohoe explores three important topics for the classroom - working with Computing coordinators, ways to create fun Scratch-based games with students, and ways to introduce email to KS2 students, exploring the possibilities while avoiding potential dangers.

Technical Vocabulary, Flipped Learning and Revision Strategies - 3rd May 2018

In our very first ExaLens webinar, Alan O'Donohoe introduces ExaLens before taking a look through Technical Vocabulary (ensuring that your students are confident in using correct terminology), Flipped Learning (that your students are confident in using the correct terminology), and Revision Strategies (strategies and resources you can use to prepare your classes for GCSE Exams).

Exercise Books, Raising your Profile and Supporting Non-Specialists - 21st May 2018

In an early secondary ExaLens webinar, Alan O'Donohoe takes viewers through why exercise books still have an important role to play in Computing classes, ways to raise the profile of Computer Science as a subject at your school, and ways to ensure that even non-specialists can deliver effective Computing lessons.

Python Tutorials, Secondary Scratch and GCSE CS Resources - 9th July 2018

In a post-#exabytes18 session, Alan takes a look at three key points for Secondary CS teachers, exploring free tutorials for Python (now the world's most popular programming language), ways to effective use Scratch in a secondary setting, and free/ low-cost resources for GCSE Computer Science.